Mondays:- 7.00 till 8.00 Open Session

                  8.00 till 9.00 Mixed Martial Arts.

Tuesdays:- 7.00 till 8.00 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wednesdays:- 7.00 till 8.00 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Grappling.

                        8.00 till 9.00 Jeet Kune Do.

Thursdays:-  Private Lessons / Room Hire

Fridays:- 6.30 till 7.30 Larry Hartsell's Jeet Kune Do and Conditioning.

Saturdays:- 3.00 till 4.00 Childrens session.

                    4.00 till 5.00 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Private lesson available through the day and at times to suit you.

Private lessons £25 per hour. 1 to 1 or up to a maximum of 4 persons (ex. 2 people paying £12.50 per hour, 4 people paying £6.25 per hour.)

Club hire £15 per hour, electricity and heating included.


Adults Full £60 a month standing order:- unlimited lessons, membership to The Bulldog Academy.


Adult casual users £6 per lesson, £9 Double lesson.


Children (15 years and under) £4 per lesson.


(check FAQ for more information about how membership works and what qaulifies as a casual user.)